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Daniell Associates is a boutique family law practice specialising in all aspects of family law, including parenting issues, child support, paternity, adoption, domestic protection, child youth and family matters, relationship property and proceedings under the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 and Family Protection Act 1955. We also undertake employment law work.

The Principals are Donald Fuller and Judy Daniell. Donald has practised law for over 40 years. He was previously a partner in a national law firm and has extensive commercial law experience.

Judy Daniell has been practising law for more than 30 years. She has significant Family Court experience and is frequently appointed by the Ministry of Justice to represent children.

Bonny Daniell-Smith is an Associate. She has been in practice since 2007, and has developed an extensive family law practice since coming to Taupo in 2014.

Our PA, Christine Hills has been with us since 2009. She has an excellent rapport with all our clients and colleagues.

Susan Newport has recently joined us as a part time PA, and is a valued member of our team.